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Hostize is an easy way to upload, host and share your PPT online for free. There is no need to register and pay. Just upload your PPT, and we will create a unique link where users can view and download the PPT.
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How to host a PPT in 3 simple steps
Hosting PPT is very easy
Upload PPT
Select or drag and drop your PPT and wait a few seconds while Hostize processes your PPT.
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Optionally, specify the PPT details - for example, title, author, description, license, tags, etc.
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Click "Save", and your PPT is hosted! Save the link and share the PPT endlessly with the world.
Hostize is the best choice for hosting and sharing PPT
A lot of advantages
⚡️ Fast and easy PPT sharing
No need to waste time registering and verifying email. Just upload the PPT and share the PPT with everyone!
🆓 Free and infinite PPT storage
No need to pay. No file size limitation. Host and share PPT of any size for free and without limits!
🔍 Free PPT viewer
Want to view a PPT but don't have the necessary software? Upload your PPT and view the PPT with our handy PPT viewer.
📁 Rich PPT catalog
Looking for a specific literary work, scientific article, ready-made presentation or something else? Try our catalog and search for your PPT. Users sometimes make their PPTs public so that other people can search and view those PPTs and download them.
🔒 Password protection for PPT
Your PPT is available via a special link, but you are afraid that someone with the link can view and download the PPT? Use password protection for PPTs. Don't share passwords with everyone. Share your password only with trusted people.
🤖 Chat with PPT
Don't want to read a 100 page PPT and spend time doing long research? Use our new project called Chatize to chat with PPT. Chatize is a free ChatGPT-based file reader assistant that can quickly find, extract, and summarize necessary information from PPT.
How to host a PPT on Hostize?
Hostize is a fast way to host your PPT online. Simply upload your PPT and we will provide you with a unique link to view and download your PPT.
How to share a PPT on Hostize?
Hostize is an easy to use tool to help you share your PPT online! Just host your PPT and we will provide you with a unique link that you can share with other people.
Is Hostize free to use?
Certainly! You don't need to register. You don't have to pay. There is no file size limit. Host and share your PPT online for free!
Where is my PPTs stored?
We store your PPTs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and transfer all data using end-to-end SSL encryption. Your PPTs are securely protected and hosted. Only you can modify your PPTs and delete them whenever you want.