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Just upload your file, and we'll generate a unique link to share your file in seconds. Upload it once and endlessly share it with the world through one simple link!

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Easy upload

How to share a file in 3 simple steps

Hostize is an easy-to-use tool for sharing your files online. Sharing a file online can be tricky. But with Hostize, it's a breeze - drag and drop your file, and that's it!

Upload file

Drag & drop or browse & select the file you would like to host and share. Then wait a few seconds while your file is being uploaded to our servers.

Edit file

If desired, fill in additional information about the file such as name, description or tags. Make it public if you want other Hostize users to see it.

Share file

Save changes, and that's it! Your file is now hosted online to share with the world. Don't forget to save the links to view and edit the file.

Reliable hosting

Everything you need to host your file

Upload files of any format. Have full control over your files. Use our online file viewer to quickly preview your file. Download and upload any files anonymously.

Drag & drop upload
No hosting file knowledge is required. Just drag and drop the file.
Password protection
Secure your files by quickly adding a password to restrict viewers.
Free and anonymous
We don't ask you to register and pay. You can work with your files for free.
Fast worldwide
We are powered by Amazon Web Services, allowing visitors to access your files quickly.


The right price for you, whoever you are

Whether you need to send or receive large files for your personal use, or deliver your business projects and documents, Hostize has a plan for you.


$0 /month

The perfect plan if you are just getting started with our product.

  • Manage your files
  • Up to 2 GB per upload
  • Save the files for 30 days


$19 /month

Dedicated support and supercharging your file transfers

  • Manage your files
  • Up to 200 GB per upload
  • Save the files forever

Frequently asked questions

What is file hosting?

File hosting is the process of uploading your file online to the internet. This means that it is no longer only stored on your computer but now also stored on a server.

Where are my files stored?

We store your files on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and transfer all data using end-to-end SSL encryption. All your files are securely protected and hosted. Only you can modify your files and delete them whenever you want.

Is Hostize free to use?

Certainly! You don't need to register. You don't have to pay. Host and share your files online for free!

Brief overview

Host and share files for free

Hostize is a user-friendly platform designed for easy file hosting and sharing, specializing in hosting PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and various document formats online, all for free. This service simplifies the process of sharing files online by offering a straightforward solution. Hostize allows users to upload files quickly, generates unique shareable links, and provides several essential features for secure and efficient document hosting.
The process of hosting a file on Hostize can be summarized in three simple steps:
  • Upload File: Users can upload their desired files either by dragging and dropping or by browsing and selecting them from their device.
  • Edit File: Hostize offers options to add a file's name, description, and tags, making it easier for other users to find the hosted file.
  • Share File: After making any necessary edits, users can click 'Save' and Hostize will host the file online, providing a shareable link to distribute globally.
Key Features of Hostize Include:
  • Drag & Drop Upload: Hostize offers a straightforward drag-and-drop upload process, making it accessible for users with no prior hosting knowledge.
  • Password Protection: To enhance security, Hostize allows users to add password protection to restrict access to their files, ensuring only authorized viewers can access them.
  • Free File Upload: Hostize does not require registration or payment to host files, offering users the convenience of working with their files for free.
  • Fast Worldwide Access: Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hostize ensures quick and reliable access to hosted files for visitors worldwide.
Hostize distinguishes itself from other popular file hosting providers by its ease of use and essential features. It supports a wide range of file formats, such as PDF, DOCX, DOC, PUB, EPUB, ODT, RTF, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODS, ODP, TXT, and more. Moreover, Hostize provides infinite free file storage, allowing users to maintain control over their uploaded files, modify, replace, or delete them as needed.
Another valuable feature is Hostize's free online file viewer, which provides a convenient and fast browser preview for readers. It can even convert uploaded files, such as DOCX, into PDF format for easy accessibility. Additionally, Hostize allows users to embed their uploaded files on other websites, enabling seamless integration of Hostize-hosted content.
For added security, Hostize supports password protection for file links, ensuring that sensitive files remain inaccessible to unauthorized users. All files hosted on Hostize are stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trusted platform known for its industry-standard security measures and end-to-end SSL encryption, providing a secure environment for data storage.
In summary, Hostize is a reliable and user-friendly solution for hosting and sharing files, catering to a wide range of document formats and offering essential features to ensure the security and accessibility of hosted files. Whether for sharing E-Books, important documents, or presentations, Hostize simplifies the process, making it quick, easy, and free for users around the world.

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